The TV show Decked Out is a reality show that features backyard and outdoor construction. The main characters are a creative design and construction team who transform the backyards of different families into impressive and beautiful living spaces. The show uses creativity to make the most out of the assets of each space while minimizing any challenging features. One of the elements that they’ve added to their decks to make them really stand out is glass railings. For decks, an invisible, or glass railing system can showcase the overall design of the deck and enhance views. Here are a few of the benefits of using the Invisirail system like the stars of Decked Out.
Unobstructed views – One of the main benefits of using this style of rail is the wide open views that it affords. Glass railings are perfect for showcasing your landscaping or waterfront views. You can even get posts for these railings that are virtually invisible as well.
Impressive design – A deck designed with invisible railings is just downright impressive, which is why they are featured on Decked Out. Invisible glass railings can set off premium materials like Kayu exotic hardwood for decks. There are numerous creative uses to which an invisible railing system can be maintenance – Glass is a fairly low maintenance material for decks. It doesn’t need to be sealed or touched up because it won’t degrade over time. Plus the wide surface means that they can be quickly and easily cleaned.
Protection from the elements – This is particularly important if you live on or near open water. The full glass panels provide optimum protection from wind and salt spray, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space, even if you’re right on the water!
Safe and sturdy – Even though it’s made of glass, there’s nothing fragile about these railing systems. When combined with other elements like the Camo hidden deck fastening system, you can have the safest, most impressive looking deck on the block, just like they build on Decked Out!Easy to install – These large glass panels are super easy to install, making them a practical upgrade for the do-it-yourselfer as well as professionals. Labor tends to cost more, so with a railings system that is less labor intensive and more impressive than other systems, you just can’t go wrong.
Harder for kids and pets to get stuck – One of the best parts of using cool railing systems like the stars of Decked Out is that it’s harder for kids and pets to get stuck in the space between the rail and the post. That’s because there just isn’t that much space to begin with, so heads, arms, and legs can’t slip in between.